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List of guidelines and tools

Below you can find an alphabetical list of all guidelines and tools that are published on this toolkit website. 


Bonus/malus – changing behaviour with rewards and penalties
Choosing and combining monetary and non-monetary incentives
Choosing from different types of monetary incentives
Choosing from different types of non-monetary incentives
Co-creation - collaborating to develop smart energy solutions
Collection of survey questions for smart grid evaluation
Designing a dynamic tariff
Develop FAQs to assist the support staff
Energy audits for households
Engaging people through telling stories
Gamification - making energy fun
How personal goals can motivate behavioural change
How to create a consumption baseline
How to gather community support for your smart grid
How to identify regional stakeholders
How to improve you smart energy project through check-ups
How to make energy visible through feedback
How to monitor demand response performance
Innovative product development
Introducing demand side management to SMEs
Introducing smart appliances
KPIs for energy consumption effects
Learning about target groups
Motivating consumers with  social comparison and competition
Optimizing the meter installation process
Predicting effects of renewable energy integration
Privacy and data protection
Recruiting participants
Self-assessment to create a reflecting team culture
Smart meter monitoring and controlling functionalities
Testing tariff schemes in a pilot context
Training installers
User-centred KPIs for the evaluation of smart grids
Using flexibility manually or automatically
Using segmentation to better target user groups