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Experience of S3C toolkit users

Several utilities and other companies have tested and implemented S3C guidelines and tools in 2014 and 2015. In this section you can learn more about the experiences of five projects who worked with knowledge and guidance from the S3C smart grid engagement toolkit.

InovGrid (PT)

EDP Distribuição (PT) has been pioneering in the implementation of smart grids through its awarded InovGrid project, which aims to study consumer behavior and to enable direct involvement of consumers. António Aires Messias and João Martins Silva from EDP explain how they took part in S3C.

Insero Live Lab (DK)

In the village of Stenderup (DK), 20 families had their homes fitted with the latest energy and ICT equipment. Via a smart grid they are testing the mutual interaction of the technologies as well as their coherence with the entire energy system. Project manager Munna Hoffmann-Jørgensen tells us what she learned from collaborating with S3C.


The KIBERnet project in Slovenia aims to develop and demonstrate Demand Side Management based technologies in the industrial sector. Danilo Lenart, Energy Manager at KOTO d.o.o., was involved in KIBERnet and during the project, S3C researchers provided guidance and support based on the S3C toolkit.


The Linear project studies ways in which households can tailor their electricity consumption to the amount of solar and wind energy available, both in terms of technology and user interaction. Wim Cardinaels, the Linear project coordinator and employee at VITO/EnergyVille, tells us about their experience as an active partner in S3C.

UppSol 2020 (SE)

UppSol 2020 was initiated to stimulate PV installations in the Uppsala (SE) region by spreading experiences in a new way with true customer focus. Simon Strandberg,  member of the UppSol 2020 project team and employee at STUNS, tells about their experiences from joining S3C.