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Engaging people in smart grids

Users are taking the centre stage in future energy systems. Smart grids will only succeed if we take into account the desires, motivations and concerns of people. Developing smart grid products and services represents not only a technological challenge, but equally importantly a social challenge. 

People have to be engaged in an exciting journey, that allows them to discover the benefits of the smart grid at their own pace. This website offers about fifty guidelines and tools that are developed and tested in the EU research project S3C. It covers a wide range of topics. How to better understand the needs of target groups? How to set up attractive incentives or reward schemes? How can I effectively communicate with customers?

Guidelines provide an overview of what you need to take into account: they show the directions of your journey without tracing each step into detail. Tools offer you detailed, actionable step-by-step account of how to engage people in your smart grid.

In case you need expert advice or support on your overall engagement strategy, or if you need help when implementing specific guidelines or tools, please contact us.