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What is key to a good execution of a smart energy project? What to think of and how to execute your ideas and intentions? This section deals with both communication issues as well as technical aspects regarding the implementation process.

Develop FAQs to assist the support staff - Creating a list of FAQs can help customers solve potential problems themselves and it can ease the work of the support team. To prepare the support staff for problems which might arise on the customer side, questions should be collected already in an early phase. You can put this into practice with our tool Collecting FAQs during the installation process. This tool helps to collect all questions - ranging from technical, to financial and security related issues - that arise during the installation phase of a project. 

Energy audits for households - Performing energy audits can help customers to improve the way they consume energy, increase awareness and suggest measures to induce savings. This guideline summerizes the main elements of an energy audit and the issues to be considered when introducing such a service.

Engaging people through telling stories - Narratives or stories can be a powerful tool for customer engagement. This guideline offers an insight into different forms and uses of narratives as well as best practice examples from the field.

Gamification - making energy fun - Gaming can be used to inform users about (smart) energy topics and to motivate them to reach energy efficiency or demand response objectives in a playful manner. This guideline provides project managers with theoretical and practical insights into the topic of gamification.

How personal goals can motivate behavioural change - The desire to attain a goal can be a strong source of motivation. This guideline explains how setting personal goals can be a applied as a (non-monetary) incentive for energy customers to change their behaviour.

Making leaflets to educate customers - New products and services require a learning and adaptation process by the customer. A leaflet that refers to available support and information materials can be developed to support this process. The template is designed as a (magnetic) fridge leaflet.

Motivating consumers with social comparison and competition - Social comparison and competition are strong motivators for consumer to change their behaviour. This guideline focusses on how to use these mechanisms in a smart grid environment.

Optimizing the meter installation process - The installation of smart meters allows suppliers to build a close relationship with customers. This guideline supports project managers (DSOs, other metering operators or third parties) in designing, developing and controlling a user-friendly meter installation process.

Smart Energy Quiz - An interactive quiz module that conveys knowledge about energy efficiency and energy related topics in a playful manner. It allows utilities to present themselves to their customers as a responsible supplier and to learn more about their customers’ energy behaviour. To try the Smart Energy Quiz tool, click here.

Smart meter monitoring and controlling functionalities - This guideline highlights the functionalities available in smart meters and provides advice on how and when to use them depending on different target groups and technical constraints.