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  • Smart customer
  • Smart citizen


When offering smart grid related products and services - as with any new product or service - it is important to evaluate whether the anticipated outcomes have been achieved. Usually evaluation takes place after a project has finished, but it can also be conducted throughout the project. 

Collection of survey questions for smart grid evaluation - This set of pre-formulated and elaborated questions can be used by researchers and/or marketing employees to design a survey for smart grid evaluations in a resource efficient manner.

How to create a consumption baseline - In order to calculate the effect of the smart grid, actual energy consumption needs to be compared to a baseline; the consumption if the smart grid initiative was not present. This guideline introduces different methods for creating such baselines. 

How to improve your smart energy project through check-ups - Good project management includes continuous attention. Implementing a basic check-up process can help you keep your project running smoothly and ensure that small issues get resolved before major problems occur.

How to monitor demand response performance - In this guideline monitoring energy consumption in smart grid environments is discussed. Next to this it focuses on how the monitored data can be used to present as feedback to the consumer. 

KPIs for energy consumption effects - How can key performance indicators (KPIs) be used for determining the effect of the smart grid environment on the energy consumption of the users? This guideline describes how you can apply KPIs for the purposes of providing consumer feedback and project evaluation.

Monitoring and evaluation through stories - Most Significant Change - In this method that derives from social programmes, stories are applied for project monitoring and evaluation purposes. This tool is written for project managers looking for innovative participatory methods for impact monitoring and evaluation.

Postcard from the future workshop method - A tool for project staff members, workshop organisers and product developers to gather out-of-the-box ideas. The postcard method provides a window into the mind of consumers that is minimally constrained by socially desirable answers.

Self-assessment to create a reflecting team culture - How to use self-assessments as effective measures to encourage a reflecting work environment within your organisation? This guideline describes the benefits of such an assessment, explains how to do it and provides hands-on examples and sample questions.

User-centred KPIs for the evaluation of smart grids - Evaluation of smart grid initiatives from the user perspective helps you in understanding how they have experienced the smart grid products and services. In this guideline evaluation is looked at from the perspective of the three S3C user types, the Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, and Smart Citizen.